Mark Hicks' Beautiful Music, 24 Hours a Day, in Stereo

Me: By profession, I teach Cisco, Linux, Microsoft, and Security+ networking technologies at a local community college.
By avocation, I enjoy performing many different forms of music, such as jazz, rock, and classical, oftentimes
with my brothers, who have their own web sites as well - look for their links further down this page.
Utilities: Netboot is a useful utility for creating a network boot floppy diskette from any Windows 95/98 machine.
This season,
enjoy Hicks
Bros' jazzy
of carols -
our competition
to the Mannheim
Steamroller genre.

We Three Kings
in 5/4 time,
for electric
and grand piano,
drums, congas, strings,
acoustic guitar, and bass guitar.

Greensleeves, arranged for piano,
guitar, bass guitar, drums, and marimba.

First Rush music History and streaming audio of the North Texas based
progressive rock band I played keyboards in.
Solo Music - my own arrangements and compositions of jazz, classical, and
new age music. Realized on an Ensoniq ZR-76 64 voice synthesizer workstation.
'Til ThereWas You  MIDI piano solo from The Music Man.
allthing.asf All The Things You Are (Kern/Hammerstein). Jazz quartet/piano/vibes/bass/drums.
pcm.asf  A faintly Gabrielesque new age atmospheres styling. ASF 33/22k audio.
allblues.asf  Jazz trio arrangement (piano bass and drums) of this Miles Davis tune.
My brothers' web sites - more music, a bit of which I play in!
Tom's site - Lancaster Productions - project studio!
David's site - smooth jazz, fusion, and rock guitar originals!
background graphic: Earliest known photograph of Hicks Bros. recording session
showing engineer Ranny Terrell Jr., producer Mark Hicks, and talent Thomas Hicks.
UK jam:
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