First Rush Music

  Here you can listen to original songs performed by the North Texas later '70s era progressive rock band First Rush. NEWS FLASH: Four original members NOW REHEARSING and have re-formed the band TO PERFORM SOON!
  These songs were recorded and produced at TRC Studios in Indianapolis, Indiana, during 1978 and 1979. A now-rare 45 rpm single (under the rather abrupt non-'Rush' name) was issued by Polydor Records for two of these titles but the remainder have never before been available. NEWLY REMASTERED by Tom Hicks!

 01.wma 1.'...this song for you...'  Fast shuffle, guitar and synth trade licks.
 02.wma 2.Maybe Someday. My favorite ballad, tasty piano, synth and strings on this Mike Sauce title.
 03.wma 3. Something to Remember. Medium shuffle. Abrupt ending.
 04.wma 4. Filandia. Organist Dan Gustafson's classical style with syncopation. My upbeat favorite.
 05.wma 5. It Was You. Fast 8, another abrupt ending.
 06.wma 6. Can't Wait. Side A of the single. Backwards piano effect.
 07.wma 7. Why Witch. Renamed (not in spirit) to Death Hold for side B of the single. Lynzi solos on marimba.
 08.wma 8. Queen of the Boulevard. Dan sings out while Skip Johnson pops the bass.
 09.wma 9. Holdin' Back. Rough mix, drummer Lynzi sings.
 10.wma 10. Winner. Ruff, more Lynzi.
 11.wma 11. ' me singin'...'. Ruff shuffle.
 12.wma 12. This ballad features Mike Sauce's 12 string guitar with Mike Basden's spooky synth stylings.
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